“I am really excited to be partnering with Pro Beauty Tools. Especially because one of the most frequent concerns I hear from my clients is that they sometimes have a hard time duplicating the style they get in my salon once they get home and have to style their hair themselves. The trick to creating a beautiful hair style is to use first rate styling tools. I recommend Pro Beauty tools because I know they will make it easier for my clients to mater the techniques they need to capture the look they want.”Johnny Lavoy
Celebrity Hairstylist
“I love these tools. They are what we used to style the cast on set. They are really wonderful because what they’ve done is taken a professional line and built it for consumer use. So, they are easy to use, they get really hot, they’ll make your hair do whatever you want it to in a very easy and quick time. They get me out of the house quickly just like they will you. They get my cast out of the trailer. They’re fun to use, feel good in your hand and work well. Your hairstyle will come out great every time. They’re my favorite tools and I hope they will be yours too.”Beatrice De Alba, Academy Award® Winning Celebrity Hair Designer
Lead hairstylist for many motion pictures including “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”
“I love Pro Beauty Tools! From sexy curls to glamorous waves to silky straight, Pro Beauty Tools has the tool I need! From the salon to the red carpet, Pro Beauty Tools allow me to create beautiful, glamorous hairstyles!”Trey Burnette
Celebrity Hairstylist
“My name is Felix Lariviere, Hair Stylist Designer from the movie set Mirror Mirror featuring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts. Thanks to Pro Beauty Tools. I worked with their products in order to do Lily’s hair (Snow White) during the entire time of the 5 months shooting. I used every tool and I have to admit that they are amazing. If you want to create nice hair shine and movement that will last for hours, these products are the best. Now that I got to know Pro Beauty Tools, I would not work with anything else… It’s like an addiction!!!”Felix Lariviere
Motion Picture Hairstylist Designer
“My background in hairstyling since 1992 primarily revolves around wig making and hair design for film, television, and theatre. At SNL, I have an amazing team of hairdressers all of whom have to work under extreme pressure to facilitate not only the needs of a live show, but dress and maintain up to 70 wigs per episode within a 3 day period.

When dealing with specific needs for human hair wigs and the character they will bring to life, the Pro Beauty Tools line of irons have always fit the bill for dependability.

The quality of the Pro Beauty Tools line of irons and blow dryer never cease to exceed our demands because of their ability to withstand many hours of use, physical durability, consistently quick heat settings, and range of heat settings.”Bettie Rogers
Emmy® Award Winning Hairstylist, Head hairstylist for “Saturday Night Live”

“Pro Beauty Tools are a unique addition to the Editorial and Fashion world for 2 reasons, they get the job done faster than any other tools on the market and most importantly, the integrity of the hair is never compromised. The models leave with healthy, shiny hair after each show and each photo shoot.”Marcos Diaz
Session Stylist, New York City, NY
“As a professional hairstylist, and product demonstrator, I tend to be a perfectionist. Photo shoots and live demonstrations require dependable tools that work consistently and quickly and produce great results. I get really excited when I discover “new” products that actually do what they say they will do. The Pro Beauty Tools line is very affordable and works as well as any professional product that I have used. The curling irons and flat iron get really hot and stay hot! They smooth as they style and add incredible shine to the hair. The dryer is light weight, quiet and dries hair fast. The airflow temperature stays consistently hot or warm depending on the setting and the cold shot button changes the temperature immediately to lock in the style. I would highly recommend this Pro Beauty Tools to anyone looking for professional product and results.”Gabriela Castaneda
Hair Stylist / Product Demonstrator, Los Angeles, CA
“The flat iron has been great! I love the weight distribution. The design on the outside is smooth and seamless and no controls are in the way that could change the settings or shut off when I’m using it.”Rula Joseph
hairstylist and co-owner of Emile Salon & Spa in Birmingham, MI