Pro Beauty Tools is thrilled to announce their new spokesperson, celebrity hair stylist, Johhny Lavoy

Johnny Lavoy is one of the nation’s most sought-after hair stylists.  His engaging and approachable styles have become renowned in the publishing, fashion, and advertising fields of the beauty industry.  His creative designs have been a fixture in such venues as NY Fashion Week and Project Runway.  He is also the Founder and Artistic Director of Moda-Rey Salon & Sap in West Hartfort, CT.

“I am really excited to be partnering with Pro Beauty Tools.  Especially because one of the most frequent concerns I hear from my clients is that they sometimes have a hard time duplicating the style they get in my salon once they get home and have to style their hair themselves.  The trick to creating a beautiful hair style is to use first rate styling tools.  I recommend Pro Beauty tools because I know they will make it easier for my clients to master the techniques they need to capture the look they want.”Johnny Lavoy
Celebrity Hairstylist